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R4i Card SDHC

The R4i Card or R4i SDHC as it is also known is a slot 1 device that offers improvements over its older cousin the R4 Card, with the R4i you can now experience all the great features of the R4 but on the new Nintendo DSi and DSi XL consoles.  The R4i SDHC card supports up to a massive 32GB of data on a single memory chip called a Micro SDHC and we offer many bundles with these cards included. The R4i is also fully compatible with the latest firmware updates from Nintendo for their DSi and DSi XL consoles meaning you need not worry when it comes to updating.

Released by the r4i-SDHC team the R4i cards offer unrivalled development work and customer support and come with reliability guaranteed, that’s why they have become so popular and are sought after by so many DSi/DSi XL console users.