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Welcome to R4 Card UK

Welcome to the number one UK r4 card store, selling only official cards.
As we are not based in Asia we offer you super fast postal times, with most orders arriving in 2-3 days. We aim to bring you the best prices and best of all we offer a full 30 day moneyback guarantee should you not be happy with your order.

Shipping times
Britain: 2-3 days
Rest of Europe: 3-4 days
USA/ Worldwide: 4-5 days

Choosing an R4 Card:

It is really very easy when it comes to choosing what card suits your needs:

If you own a DS or DS lite console you will need an R4 card.
For the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL consoles you will need an R4i SDHC card
And finally for the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL console you will need an R4 3DS card.
It is also worth noting that the R4 3DS Cards are also fully compatible with the older versions of the DS console so ideal if you have more than one type of console at home.

R4 Card

Why buy from us:

  • #1 UK R4 Card Store
  • All cards tested before dispatch
  • Friendly experienced customer support
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Best prices and fast post
  • No waiting on packages from Asia

Features of the new R4i Card

There is a new R4i card in the market known as R4i 3DS. This card is a new version of the old R4i card which does not work with 3DS console. The old R4i SDHC cards will still not work with the 3DS console since it is impossible to update them. The new card comes with numerous functionalities to increase your enjoyment. First, it is able to recognize and show your DS type. It also contains power saving features and if it stays inactive for a long time it will automatically go into sleeping mode. The cards have a large memory capacity, with some having up to 32 GB. In addition, it contains multi-language setting which means you can set it in a language of your choice. Other features of this new card include the ability to support cheat code as well as the ability to reset the game once you are through.

The R4i card is the first DSi card to be produced by the R4 Card brand. The card, which was created by the R4 Card SDHC team not only works with the Nintendo DSi, it can also be used with Nintendo Lite and the Nintendo DS. Unlike the first cards which were only compatible with the Japanese Nintendo, the new r4 3ds icicard is compatible with a wide range of consoles. It is not limited to one type of console.

The team which produced this new R4i card is not the same team which produced the older version. The team which produced the original R4i card is the same team that produced the DS/DS Lite card which is on display on the website. This card is the R4v3 card and it is not original. You may want to contact us through e-mail to learn more about these cards. The first card that was produced by the R4I SDHC could not work with some type of consoles and the company had to recall it. These cards are no longer in the market and customers should not be worried that they might be sold to them. All R4i SDHC cards designed by the R4 Card group work well with the 1.4 Nintendo version, but not the 1.4.1 version.

The new card is easy to use, to ensure you will have a smooth gaming experience. Even new users will be able to use this card without any problem. Besides being easy to use, this card also has a high decoding power and it delivers pictures of high quality. The new manufacturing team is dedicated to ensure the new cards can work with all console. The card is quite thick and this allows it to slide into any console without any problem. This has increased the compatibility of the R4i card and the Nintendo console. You can now enjoy your gaming experience as you relax. You can find more information on the official website of R4 Card or other sources. This article was only trying to explain what has already been explained, but in simple words. Our goal is to help you understand the features that come with the new R4i card so you can enjoy yourself more.